Real Voices Real Choices Conference DBH Co-Chair

Salary: $15.00/hour

City: Statewide

State: Missouri

Job Description:

This is an unclassified position as a Consumer Conference Co-Chair to represent individuals with mental illness and/or substance use disorders for the Division of Behavioral Health. Consumers, self-advocates, persons in recovery, and family members of consumers are preferred. This position is Hourly and Intermittent position at the rate of $15.00 per hour to a maximum of 500 hours. This position is a two year minimum. You do not have to be located in Jefferson City but must be able to attend monthly meetings.

If you are interested, please e-mail a cover letter and a current resume to:

Requirements: Responsibilities:
Attend meetings in Jefferson City for conference planning and coordination.
Provide support to the Coordinator of the Real Voices Real Choices Conferences.
Coordinate with the respective divisions in recruiting and soliciting of individuals to attend the conference and increase consumer participation.
Assist Coordinator with response to phone and/or email inquiries from attendees and others.
Work with potential presenters and assist Coordinator with associated documentation.
Assist with social media promotion of the conference.
Assist in the development of conference materials.
Solicit vendors, agencies and businesses for giveaway items and scholarships.
Assist Coordinator with the scholarship process to include candidate selection, contact with recipients, and completion of scholarship applications and later conference registrations for recipients.
Coordinate and manage presenters and exhibitors in a timely effective manner.
Assist in the development of an after-action report to review evaluations and make recommendations for the following year.
Communicate frequently through email or phone calls with the co-chairs and coordinator.
Outreach to different organizations to raise awareness and gain statewide support for the conference.
Other duties as needed to support the coordinator and other co-chairs.
Preferred basic knowledge of Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Send Resume To:

Kailey Reeves