Missouri Peer Specialist
Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Peer Specialist credential FAQs

Where can Certified Peer Specialists provide billable peer support services?

  • Certified Peer Specialists will be qualified to provide peer support in all programs where peer support is included in the
    service contract with the Department of Mental Health. The Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health, recognizes the Missouri Credentialing Board as the sole source for certified peer credentials (Certified Peer Specialist, Family Support Provider, Youth Peer Specialist, and Certified Reciprocal Peer Recovery).  No other credentialing sources will be recognized as meeting the requirements for peers working in DBH certified and contracted programs

What is the cost of the training and certification? 

    • At time of registration for CPS training, a $75 fee will be collected.  This fee covers the week long training, the testing process and the certification process that follows the training.  Once certified, it will cost approximately $70 every other year in order to renew the certification, by providing verification of continuing education hours. 

What are the requirements to get the Certified Peer Specialist certification?

  •  In addition to the week long basic training and passing the exam, in order to hold the certification, a peer must be able to provide verification of, at minimum, a high school level education. A peer must also be in personal recovery from a substance use disorder, mental health disorder, or both.  However, there is not a time frame of recovery specified or required.    

How do I sign up for CPS basic training?

Am I guaranteed to be accepted into the basic training if I apply?

  • Yes (with the exception of someone not meeting the requirements as listed above). All trainings have a limited number of available seats.  Once a training week is full, it will not be available to be selected as an option when registering.  When online payment has been submitted with the completed training application and an email confirmation is received, you are guaranteed that seat.  In the rare situation you do not meet the criteria, you will be contacted by MCB staff to determine a more appropriate training placement.

Do I need to already be employed by a provider/referred by an agency/recommended by another person in order to
apply to attend the basic training?

  • No, it is not required to have current or potential employment as a peer to take the week long basic training.  However, you will be responsible for arranging to have an approved monitor/proctor present during your exam.  A proctor needs to be someone you have a professional relationship with, such as a sponsor, supervisor, counselor, pastor, teacher, etc.  It cannot be a friend or family member, or yourself. 

What time commitment is required from someone that agrees to proctor your exam and when will the exam be taken? 

    • Most people can take the test in an hour or less.  It is 25 multiple choice questions.
    • There is not a deadline for taking the test.   
    • Once your proctor receives the testing information from the MCB office, you and your proctor can work out the date/time for taking the test.