Missouri Peer Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Peer Specialist credential FAQs

When will the new integrated training and credentialing begin?

  • The new integrated training began March 2018.

I have a current CMPS or MRSS-P credential. What do I need to do?

  • All peers with current MRSS-P or CMPS credentials will be grandfathered into the new credential at no charge and issued
    a Certified Peer Specialist credential through the Missouri Credentialing Board in 2018. If your contact information has
    changed since you obtained your original credential, please reach out to the Division of Behavioral Health or the Missouri
    Credentialing Board.

Where can Certified Peer Specialists provide billable peer support services?

  • Certified Peer Specialists will be qualified to provide peer support in all programs where peer support is included in the
    service contract with the Department of Mental Health.

Will training be free?

  • Yes, training will be provided at no cost to peers or providers. Peers or their employers will be responsible for all travel
    expenses (ie lodging, mileage, meals, etc).

Will credentialing be free?

  • No, the cost for the Certified Peer Specialist credential will be $75.00. It will cost $70.00 to renew the credential every 2

I am a current CMPS, when will I be responsible for paying to renew my new CPS credential?

  • All current Certified Missouri Peer Specialists who grandfather in to the Certified Peer Specialist credential will pay $70.00
    in April of 2020 to renew their CPS credential.

What are the requirements to get the Certified Peer Specialist credential?

  • A peer must attend a 5-day basic training and pass an exam in order to apply to the Missouri Credentialing Board for the
    CPS credential. MCB will review the application for the CPS credential, collect the $75.00 initial credentialing fee from the
    peer, and issue the credential.

How do I sign up for CPS basic training?

  • An online application process is available and consists of a questionnaire similar to the one used for the
    previous Certified Missouri Peer Specialist credential.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted into the basic training if I apply?

  • No. All trainings have a limited number of available seats. Applicants will be screened and approved for training based
    on answers to the provided questionnaire.

Do I need to already be employed by a provider/referred by an agency/recommended by another person in order to
apply to attend the basic training?

  • No. However, you will be responsible for arranging to have an approved monitor present during your exam. For details
    on who can be approved monitor for your exam, please contact the Missouri Credentialing Board at
    help@missouricb.com or by calling 573-616-2300.