Consumer and Family Engagement Coordinator (24hrs/wk)

Salary: $19.23 – $21.63 / Hour

City: Saint Louis

State: MO

Job Description:

General Description
The Consumer & Family Engagement Coordinator is responsible for ensuring representation of the voices of service recipients and their natural supports in the development of agency clinical services and policies. This includes hosting a consumer advisory board and conducting interviews with service recipients. Incorporate consumer feedback collected with other consumer input such as outcome data satisfaction information, complaints, focused groups, etc and create an annual report for leadership.

Job duties include but are not limited to:
• Implement consumer advisory board (CAB) meetings to solicit input from diverse persons served across services regarding their perspectives about program operations
o Take meeting minutes and organize follow-up to issues raised in meetings
o Recruit and retain CAB members within adult and youth and family programs
• Recruit feedback from persons served and their natural supports by engaging in interactions such as focus groups, individual meetings, surveys and assessments
• Review data to verify for accuracy and completeness prior to data input, analysis, and reporting
• Generate summary reports on participant feedback, service outcomes, and service satisfaction and share results as requested
• Collaborate with the Evaluation Team to plan responses to consumer satisfaction and feedback surveys and to evaluate success of initiatives
• Implement focus groups and advisory boards related to special projects, evaluation, and research activities
• Provide persons served feedback for potential grants and strategic planning
• Serve as a liaison between service consumers and agency leadership by attending meetings with executive management and clinical directors
• Be available to persons served to help bring their concerns and ideas about agency programs to clinical leadership
• Facilitate peer perspectives training to agency staff as needed
• Establish and facilitate a natural support group of family and friends providing care and support to clients served by the agency. Serve as a liaison to families and caregivers of persons served in order to provide feedback on clinical services
• Public speaking on CAB matters or Consumer Advocacy as needed and requested
• Perform other related tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Requirements: – Must be sensitive to and respect cultural diversity amongst clients, client natural supports, and staff
– Able to work collaboratively with diverse racial, ethnic, and economic groups, including those with a range of behavioral health conditions.
– Openness and willingness to learn new skills to improve job performance
– Adherence to high ethical standards and set appropriate boundaries
– Excellent listening skills
– Excellent oral and written communication skills
– Computer skills – proficient in Microsoft word, Excel, and Outlook
– Data collection and analytic skills preferred, additional training could be provided
– Bachelor’s degree preferred – will consider Highschool Diploma or equivalent with relevant professional experience.

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Allison Murphy