Client Advocate/Peer Specialist

Salary: full time position with benefits/40 hours per week

City: Fulton

State: Missouri

Job Description:

Certified Missouri Peer Specialists are preferred, however, training may be pursued upon employment with the expectation that certification would be achieved. This position requires excellent listening and communication skills to assist clients within high and minimum security settings in addressing and resolving rights related issues. Additionally it will be very important for the Client Advocate to maintain excellent professional boundaries, while also sharing appropriate pieces of their personal recovery story. The advocate should also be able to demonstrate a significant length of time and progress in personal recovery (mental illness and/or substance use). The Client Advocate will review rights related grievances submitted by patients and work with the patient, their treatment team or identified others to resolve the matter effectively. Written communication skills will also be necessary in effectively responding to client grievances. Clients at FSH are diverse, including both men and women, often with extensive histories of trauma, substance use, mental illness and/or involvement with the criminal justice system. FSH is a Trauma Informed Organization and either lived experience with trauma or training related to trauma will be an asset as well. If interested, please send cover letter and resume to Ladonna Beachy, MSW, LCSW- Trauma Informed Care Coordinator at FSH, 600 E. 5th , Fulton, MO 65251 or via email at by April 3, 2020.

Requirements: Must be a Certified Missouri Peer Specialist or willing to attend training and become certified, as well as maintain continuing education toward certification. Must be demonstrate significant length of time in personal recovery (mental illness/ substance use) and be willing to share aspects of personal recovery story with client in a forensic mental health hospital with discernment for sharing what may apply to the specific individual, while maintaining professional boundaries.

Send Resume To:

Ladonna Beachy