Certified Peer Specialist

Salary: $26,500

City: St. Louis

State: MO

Job Description:

Person with a disability, who is responsible for assisting peer consumer by identifying a main concern, developing strength based independent living plans that include a measurable goal and objectives, and carrying out the independent living plans with the peer consumers. The Peer Specialist helps fellow peers cultivate their independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem in a residential setting. The specialist should have the ability to empower consumers with disabilities to explore new options, resources, relationships, feelings, attitudes, and rights. The Peer Specialist is an educator, advocate and friend to consumers. The age group that this position will be working with is 16-25 years.


Requirements: High School Diploma
Person participating in recovery support services
Strong desire for employment and strong desire to help others
Self starter and able to work independently
Assists and supports peers to set and help achieve goals
Demonstrates organizational and planning abilities

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