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Training Dates and Locations


The Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) initiative is a significant part of the behavioral health transformation efforts taking place in Missouri. This Website is “home” to registration for training events, information on training content, the online exam and other information regarding Peer Specialists in Missouri. 

2019 Training Calendar

Please note you will need to  provide a name, phone number and e-mail address of someone who will be able to serve in the capacity of a test monitor while you take the required online exam after you complete the training.  A proctor does not have to be a technical expert, nor do you have to hold a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Certification to be a proctor.  However, the Missouri Credentialing Board does require that a proctor have a “professional” working relationship with the applicant:  Supervisor, sponsor, minister, etc. The schedule of training events and locations is listed below:

  • February 18-22 – St. Louis (E)
  • March 11-15 – Columbia (C)
  • April 8 – 12 – Kansas City (NW)
  • May 6-10 – Cape Girardeau (SE)
  • June 3-7 – St. Joseph (NW)
  • June 17-21 – Springfield (SW)
  • July 8-12 – St. Louis (East)
  • August 12-16 – Kansas City (NW)
  • September 16-20 – Jefferson City (C)
  • October 7-11 – Sikeston (SE)
  • October 14-18 – Joplin (SW)
  • November 18-22 – Kansas City (NW)
  • December 2-6 – St. Louis (E)

Successful completion of the Certified Peer Specialist Exam is a required part of the Certification process. Persons who have completed the Basic Training event and successfully taken the exam are ready to complete the CPS Application.

Support systems are so important for mental health recovery.
Having the support of a peer with personal experience and understanding can make all the difference in the world.

Credit to the Missouri Mental Health Foundation with the help of the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

Training Expectations

Helpful Tools

Information regarding the purpose and content of the training and expectations for the role of the peer specialist.

Toolkit For Providers

Helpful Resources

Helpful Documents

The Pillars of Peer Support Services are recognized as valuable tools to support recovery. Each Summit generated a report  available for viewing on this website.

Info for Providers

Various articles assisting Recovery Providers are available in this section of the website. Items include first person accounts and various handouts.

Links & Resources

Links to other Peer Specialist resources. Convenient access to information regarding national, state and organization based activities related to peer support.